So TANacious…So Tenacious, See what we did there?

Michelle has always had a way with words, that’s for sure!

So TANacious, of course, is meant to be a play on words of the phrase, “So tenacious,” but we’ve added our little embellishment to represent your newly tanned & utterly fabulous self!

Tenacious is also a word which is often used to describe people who are steadfast and determined, strong-willed in their beliefs, persistent, and above all else, unshakable! Isn’t that what we all aim to have a little more of in our lives? We sure think so!

It’s that stick-to-itiveness that resonates deeply with Michelle in starting up this business and we hope it will for you as well!

Continue following all of your dreams. Thanks in advance for coming along on this ride with us, we are so blessed to do business with you!

Xoxo, So TANacious Team

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